Café Sua Nong Hoac Da

Vietnamese Coffee with condensed milk. Served hot or cold.



Cam Tuoi Vat

Freshly squeezed orange juice.



Soda Chanh

Soda with fresh lemon juice.



Nuoc Dua Tuoi

Young coconut juice with coconut meat.



Café Den Nong Hoac Da

Vietnamese black coffee. Served hot or cold.



Soda Sua Hot Ga

Vietnamese egg soda with condensed milk.



Sua Dau Nanh

Soybean milk. Served with ice.



Nuoc Ngot

Canned sodas: Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite, Orange Fanta/Crush, Ginger Ale




Tra Thai Tran Chau

Thai iced tea.




Soda Xi Muoi

Vietnamese preserved plum drink.



Nuoc Chanh Da Hoac Nong

Fresh lemonade. Served hot or cold.



Nuoc Tao

Martinelli's Apple Juice



Che Ba Mau

Three colored bean dessert with coconut milk

Che Dau Do

Red bean dessert with coconut milk

Che Dau Xanh

Green bean dessert with coconut milk

Sinh To - Smoothies


Served with or without boba:+0.5

Sinh To Mang Cau 

Guyabano smoothie




Sinh To Dau

Strawberry smoothie




Sinh To Dua Mat

Honeydew smoothie



Sinh To Sau Rieng

Durian smoothie




Sinh To Bo

Avacado smoothie




Sinh to Trai Vai

Lychee smoothie




Sinh To Mocha

Mocha smoothie



Sinh To Mit

Jackfruit smoothie




Sinh To Khoai Mon

Taro smoothie




 Sinh To Xoai

Mango smoothie